Computer Crimes Affect on Economy

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Lulzsec and Anonymous have now joined forces in an effort to release classified documents from governments around the world. If successful such operations would have a profound impact on the economy and on various currencies traded on the online forex exchange. Governments are not the only targets however, and the groups have also stated that their targets include banks and other financial institutions. This is all in an apparent attempt to prove the inadequacy of security throughout the Internet, but in addition to this there is a very real political slant being added to the cause since Anonymous has hopped on board. Between the two groups some officials are concerned that sensitive documents and other materials may end up compromised in the near future. While the antics of both groups in the past have been relatively harmless, the damage seen done to Sony recently has proven that there is a real risk here.

The English government has already come out to say that the 2011 census in the UK may have been stolen by hackers. This information could, in effect be shared via torrent or other means in the very near future, and such a breach goes a long way in demonstrating the futile nature of current Internet security. Since these concerns are being more and more validated through actions and not just words, consumers are sure to be more concerned now more so than ever before. Security with regard to online transactions and other information gathering activities will certainly be approached cautiously from now on.

This complete lack of both government and private security where private data is concerned could have a serious impact on the way business is conducted all over the world. If the amount of business conducted continues to dwindle as a result of this complete lack of confidence then it is likely that there is going to be significant backlash in the foreseeable future. With the problems now reaching major media outlets the people of the world are going to be aware no matter what amount of cover up is initiated. The hackers have come to the fore of the world’s attention and they are showing no sign of slowing down, the attacks will continue and it is anyone’s guess as to what the next release of information will be. It would be completely foolish to trust the government or private companies with information at this point, and people are catching on quickly.


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Computer Crimes Affect on Economy

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This article was published on 2011/06/24