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Data Center Security at each critical point

Colocation America's carrier hotel houses some of the world's most business-sensitive, mission-critical IT infrastructures. It requires the highest level of both physical and virtual security protection.

Located in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, the security of our advance technological facilities are focus on three important areas: On-site security to prevent unauthorized access to the premises, 24 hours 7 days a week monitoring of network and customer systems, and an advance fire protection system that limits the amount of damages that can happen in case of a fire.

Onsite Protection

Ensuring 24/7 protection of our customers' equipment and the facility itself, our onsite security personnel and sophisticated security protocols will make sure your servers are secure. We feature:

* Code-based and electronic card control process.

* High-resolution closed-circuit TV surveillance.

* Secure locking cabinets and cages.

Network and System Monitoring

Our data center security have a comprehensive suite of monitoring systems in place to give you peace of mind.

* 24/7 manned Ground Floor operating centers actively monitor our security, fire protection, climate control and power systems.

* Monitoring of the climate controls for chillers, essential air circulation, temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions.

* Overview of individual customer power usage, UPS systems and backup generators.

Fire Protection

Our colocation hosting facilities are designed with specialized pre-action mechanisms, consisting of the best proven fire detection and extinguishing systems. The suppression system put into place is designed to reduce water damage in case a fire should occur. This will greatly minimize damage to the delicate hardware stored around our facilities.

The Pros and Benefits

The high-end equipments that are stored in our colocation facilities are very important to our customers - and for us. We are committed to providing our loyal customers with a secure data center environment that ensures that their critical systems and data are protected from a wide range of conditions. Colocation America's mission is to keep your business running despite any obstacle, from network threats to untimely disasters; we make sure that your server stays up no matter what.

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Data Center Security

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This article was published on 2011/02/11