Eliminating Your Insecurities

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Imagine living your life without any insecurities. How would your life change? Would you have the confidence and boldness to do what you have always wanted to do? It is possible to live this incredible life and help others do the same. You must first be willing to let go of your insecurities in order to discover how secure you already are.

When you were born you were created as a secure person. Over the years you heard one lie after another about you and you developed insecurities. The good news is you can be free from them and live a secure life. God originally created you secure. Then you took on insecurities and actually covered up the security you were given. So let's discover how secure you can be and how to once and for all get rid of those restricting insecurities you no longer want.

God desires for you to know how secure you can be in Christ. You will only find true security in Christ. If you are already in Christ then you are secure. You also have security and you will never be more secure than you are right now. God can only give you what He has. God is not insecure and neither is Jesus. He gave you His security as a free gift. It is a gift you cannot earn but to freely receive. Once you understand that you already are secure in Christ you will stop trying to become something you already are. You can choose to believe you are secure or not but that does not change the truth YOU ARE SECURE.

Now let's uncover the lies about insecurities you have struggled with all these years. When you are insecure you are putting false security into something or someone that can fail you. Do you put security in people, money, work or things? If you do then you will never experience what real security is all about.

Why do people feel insecure? Is it because they don't really know who they truly are? People choose to feel insecure because they are choosing to not accept the truth of who they are so they cover it up with lies. Have you ever been around fakey people before? It is like they are wearing masks. You never really get to know the real person because they are covering up themselves with masks, trying to be someone they are not.

Why do people put on masks in the first place? They are hiding something. What they are really hiding will surprise them once they see who they are. The purpose of insecurities is to cover up the truth that you are accepted. Yes, you are accepted. The lies you have believed all these years trying to be accepted has held you in bondage so you have put on masks and unfortunately have been deceived.

You will soon realize it is much easier being yourself than trying to pretend to be someone else. If you look up the word hypocrite it means to be a pretender or actor. Are you acting or are you really being who you truly are? You are either secure or insecure. The truth is you are secure. Once you believe this truth you will stop pretending and starting living the life you destined to live as The Real You.

I find it challenging developing a relationship with fakey people because I just don't know who they are. I enjoy friendships with secure people simply because they are so real with me. If you had a choice to be secure or insecure which one would you choose.? If you could have a relationship with a secure person or insecure one which one would you choose? Believe it or not there are  Real Secure people out there, but they can be difficult to find. It really starts with yourself. You will attract who you are. If you want to attract secure people then believe the truth you are accepted and secure and watch the transformation in your life and in the lives of others around you.

The choice is up to you.

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Eliminating Your Insecurities

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This article was published on 2010/04/03