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Once in country, review the security and access of the buildings that are being utilized as your place of business. The security review should be based on the location, type of business, employee access, culture and potential threats. Knowledge of your assigned place of business is a must for security precautions and anti-kidnapping actions. Check the security of the area, and find out who is responsible for security within your work environment and whether or not security is visible. Look to see if there is a single point of access to the building or if there are multiple unguarded or unlocked access points.

In a perfect world your place of business would have security arrangements consisting of layered and complementary security systems sufficient to deter and detect potential kidnappers. This would include tall perimeter fences, high employee and visitor access controls, the use of intruder alarm systems, closed-circuit video monitoring and random guard patrols throughout the building. However, after the initial check you will most likely find the existing arrangements to be wanting. Try to make the best of your predicament. Take control of what you can control, and improve it the best you can.

If you are issued a portable radio, make sure you know how it works and how to keep it operational. Know the list of call signs at your place of business. Obtain contact and emergency numbers and addresses, and keep the list current. Keep a cellular telephone at hand when you're at your place of business. Emergency contact numbers should include those of the:


Security personnel

Local police

Comprehensive medical and ambulance.

Developing good relationships with security can go a long way towards keeping you safe from kidnapping while at your in-country place of business. Ensure that security personnel identify any strangers who are loitering within your in-country place of business. Also, instruct security to request identification from service or utility workers.

Do not allow visitors to be alone within your in-country place of business. Do not allow unauthorized personnel access to these critical areas of the building. Be sure security provides an escort at all times. Be aware of your surroundings, and report anything out of the ordinary to authorities. Be educated and aware of the potential threat.

In order to have an effective security program at your place of business, it has to be a joint effort by all staff members. Security measures and policies should be implemented with proper actions to take in the event of an emergency. Upgrade the overall security program by taking a few sensible precautions.

Stage 1

Review and update the current office security procedures. Include a physical security plan and a kidnap prevention plan.

Stage 2

Conduct a threat assessment of the office to identify physical security areas of concern and security policies and procedures that may need to be established or reorganized.

1. Positive control over access to the building

2. Visitor access control procedures

3. Gate guards who act as the first line of defense inspecting persons, their property and vehicles at entry and exit points of the building

4. Recognize the warning signs of a kidnap situation.

5. Proactive measures to prevent a kidnap situation from occurring. Guards that are posted outside the building should be trained to observe the departure of employees and note and report any attempt at surveillance.

Stage 3

Have a conference that should be attended by all staff members to implement the new security policies and procedures. This should include written policy that covers general physical security and staff protection.

Stage 4

Implement the new security policies and measures as standard operating procedures for all staff members to follow.


Senior executives warrant their own parking spots that are typically very close to their offices, which draws attention to themselves and their importance. Therefore, you should not use a designated parking space. You should park in an unmarked parking space and rotate where you park your vehicle.

Business Profile

Be as anonymous as possible and maintain a low business profile. Do not appear in the community pages, business journals or expatriate newsletters. Don't let your name be listed in business registers, associations, chambers of commerce or embassy function literature. Do not make statements to the press, stay out of newspapers, and do not appear on television. Keep safe out there and God Speed.

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Executive Protection - Place of Business Security

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