How to Delete ThinkPoint - Uninstall ThinkPoint Virus Easily & Quickly (Removal Guide)

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ThinkPoint calls itself the "World's leading security solution," it even uses the Windows Vista logo and has a familiar interface. Thousands of users mistakenly take this rogue spyware for a real security program, and end up with pop-ups and awful PC slowdown, as well as many other maladies, including privacy issues and stolen information. If your security is important to you, you will need to get rid of ThinkPoint right away.

This badware makes its way into your PC through a number of ways, but lately the most frequent are video codec downloads, e-mail phishing, p2p downloads, and 'freeware' add-ons. When users watch a streamed video or install a new toolbar, they unknowingly install software like this, and this simple action can result in a worst case scenario of identity theft or bank account theft. It will block legit programs from running, and may block your task manager. To remove ThinkPoint will take more than using the Add/Remove feature. You will have to find the files that make the software run, and get rid of each one, without making any mistakes.

You can remove ThinkPoint manually or automatically. To uninstall this spyware manually, you'll start by digging into your PC's registry, and locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software folder. You will remove the related DLL values, the hotfix.exe process, and delete the hotfix.exe file in the Application Data folder. You will also need to block related websites if you are being redirected when you search using Google.

Manual removal is an option, but not for beginners. A beginner who makes one single registry mistake can turn a PC into a paperweight. Instead, automatic removal completes this entire process with a  couple of clicks, and gets your PC running fast, clean, and like new again. Automatic removal software that I recommend will also protect your system agains the next big virus. That is crucial.

Tired of spyware threatening your safety and security? Remove ThinkPoint quickly and easily.

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How to Delete ThinkPoint - Uninstall ThinkPoint Virus Easily & Quickly (Removal Guide)

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This article was published on 2010/10/23