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As heads of the family unit, parents must address a lot of things and do a lot of planning in order to provide the best to their families. A very important aspect of this is Safety; safety in the form of proper nutrition, proper care, proper education so on and so forth. An element that has become increasingly important in today's times of increasing thefts and home crime rates is that of home security.

Most families have now come to realize that adequate home security is extremely important; this is why the security DVR and security DVR cameras have become highly popular. This is further emphasized by a study according to which by 2011, more than 50% of the US households will have a security DVR system installed. Let us first understand what these are.

What are they?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder which is an advanced technology for storing video. It is advanced because it doesn't employ the age old tape for recording; rather the data is stored in a magnetic form on a hard drive. This allows for easy storage, easy viewing and easy cutting/cropping/pasting.

This system is employed today for entertainment purposes also, but it is most commonly used in security DVR cameras. These are surveillance security DVR systems that are used to monitor a particular area so that no theft, vandalism, burglary or any other unlawful activity occurs. There are many applications of such a system, including the one in our topic, Home security DVR cameras. In the early days of security DVR's introduction, getting such a system installed was considered to be a very heavy investment and one that was considered too expensive to undertake. However, with time, people have come to realize that it is better to invest is such a system than to pay heavy home insurance premiums and high recovery costs in case a burglary occurs.

How are they used?

Getting a security DVR system installed is very convenient and easy these days, thanks to the vast number of security companies that have cropped up. These offer various packages, so you as a customer can choose the package that suits your needs and affordability best. Such a system is mostly made up of TV cables mostly to get video from various sources. These various sources are actually small cameras installed in various parts of the house such as indoors in different rooms, outdoors such as main gate, garage, back of the house etc.

These then keep a regular check. In case a thief tries to enter, it is displayed on the TV screen. Also, if the system is attached to an alarm system, it rings warning bells which alert the residents and the neighborhood. The thief is thus caught and the safety of the house is maintained. In the more advanced security DVR cameras the alarm automatically informs the police which then reaches the locality within minutes and the thief is caught.  

That is the simplified process. These security DVR systems are also quite easy to use and install. The company that you buy the system from comes and installs it to you. They also come with after-sales services, so in case something goes wrong with your system, you can always call up their helpline and they are usually happy to respond. What's more, different packages are available in varying price ranges, so choose what fits you best.

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Security Dvr Systems: Home Security Made Easy

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This article was published on 2010/12/17