Security Master AV Removal - How to Uninstall/Remove Security Master AV Off Your PC

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How to Remove Security Master AV Completely
1) Firstly you need to go to Start, and then to your Control Panel.
2) Once there, find, select and click the Add/ remove Programs button.
3) Once you've did that you'll now see a huge list with all kind of programs that are installed on your computer. Scroll down the list until you've stumbled on Security Master AV Messenger and select it.
4) Once selected you only have to hit the remove button and the removal process begins.

What is Security Master AV?
IA recent antivirus protection program has been circulating the Internet, simply called Security Master AV also known as Antivirus7. It's name and look aims to try and fool computer users into thinking it is a Microsoft product, even with its near look-alike logo. Just because the name ends in "7" this software is not affiliated with Windows 7 in any way. Being named with only one word, "Antivirus", this makes it hard to distinguish from genuine programs as well as research, or track down.

Although Security Master AV mimics Windows XP, Vista, or 7 operating systems rather well, it is not a friend to either Microsoft or to you, the personal computer user. Rather than protecting the Windows operating system, it removes files, making Windows unstable or inoperable. It also may disable your firewall, leaving your computer open to external attacks.

Security Master AV is said to fall in the class of Anitvir rogue computer scanners, as Antivir 2010. It is promoted through advertising on other web sites that imitate or look like legitimate computer protections services. It will appear through a pop-up window warning you that your computer is infected and offering a free online scan. Once the scan is completed, Security Master AV will require you download its program to remove these infections.

A highly recommended tool to remove Security Master AV is RegistryQuick which is available for free at Before you try other programs, give RegistryQuick a try! You will be surprised!
You can easily get rid of Security Master AV by clicking

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Security Master AV Removal - How to Uninstall/Remove Security Master AV Off Your PC

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Security Master AV Removal - How to Uninstall/Remove Security Master AV Off Your PC

This article was published on 2010/09/13