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Having good security for your business is an important investment that will prevent your supplies, or your profits, or your stock from being stolen or vandalised and will help you get them back if they are. For the price of investing in IP security and other security measures, you can then protect yourself against having to pay for your entire stock or profits being replaced theoretically, which most of us would agree makes it money well-spent.

However good security isnt just a matter of how much money you pump into your cameras and other devices, but also about how smart you are when you use them. There is a lack of imagination in the way that many companies and individuals choose to use their cameras and other security features and this means that often we are not making the most out of our investments. Use your IP security and other features wisely and you will be more likely to have made a good investment.

For example, one smart thing to do is to leave your IP security on display. The reason for this is that it then acts not only as surveillance, but also as a deterrent putting people off of breaking into your property for fear of being recorded. Of course you might not want to do this for fear of your security cameras being damaged or vandalised and this would of course leave you with no defence against those trying to perpetrate against you.

However in a perfect scenario you would have two separate cameras. This the allows you to point the camera at multiple areas. You can also this way advertise that you are recording your premises by having one camera visible but protect your other one by keeping it more hidden. If you have more than one IP camera, then when someone covers up one, you will have filmed them doing it on the other one.

Meanwhile some of the software and hardware you can get for your IP security can also make it smarter for you and catch out most criminals. For example using NUUO NVR (a piece of software) it is easy to view what is happening on any IP camera remotely. This then means that you can watch wherever you are even on a smartphone or PDA. So when youre all away on holiday and a thief might think its safe to enter your building, in reality you will be watching them still thanks to NUUO NVR. Additionally you can even watch them via a website, or set up the system to recognise specific events and then alert you. For instance if someone breaks into your property, NUUO NVR will alert you whereas if a leaf is blown across the room it will know not to.

Then you need to apply this same ingenuity to all the other aspects of your security. For example, to get into your property why not use a digital lock to prevent your keys from being stolen. If you use a password then be sure to be smart and change this password regularly.
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Clever use of your IP Camera will increase the effectiveness of your IP security. Follow the links for more.

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This article was published on 2010/11/18