Stun Batons Might Be the Perfect Tool for Security Guards

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Depending on local jurisdictions and the rules set forth by individual employers, I believe that just about every security guard should be equipped with Stun Master stun batons. Stun batons are extremely effective non-lethal self-defense weapons that might not be suitable for any and everyone but certainly seem to be ideal for security guards. Stun batons are noticeably larger than normal stun devices and even when closed are still a tad longer than a foot, 13 inches to be exact. So these devices aren't going to be concealed in a very practical manner which means more often than not they will be carried in a holster and visible to anyone. Not so ideal for a pedestrian but certainly ideal for security guards. Security guards should command peace and order and nothing says ‘play nice in here' like a stun baton strapped to one's side.

These devices work in the same way that other stun devices work, by emitting a high voltage, 800,000 volts in this case, low amperage current of electricity that causes an assailant's neurological pathways to be disrupted. That's fancy talk for ‘make's the assailant lose control over there own body, muscles spasm, and stop doing whatever bad thing they were doing'. The fact that these devices are low amperage is what keeps them from taking a life and high voltage is what makes them so amazingly effective in stopping even the most aggressive of attackers.

When fully extended these batons reach 21.5 inches and will shock through clothing. The full retractable metal part of the baton becomes electrified giving it's user much more surface area with which to work while subduing a bad guy. And should the bad guy try to grab the baton from a security guard he will feel the full force of what 800,000 volts of justice can do. And you needn't worry about a bad guy that is being shocked touching the security guard because the current will not pass through. Truly an amazing piece of hardware, is it not?

What's nice about these devices is that they are not just stun guns but also a completely multi-functioning piece of equipment that comes with a built in flashlight, perfect for security guards working at night, and a 120 decibel alarm to help call others should a problem arise. 120 decibels is roughly as loud as a rock concert so unless the other security guards are deaf as a post they should come running.

Last but not least I will say this, a stun baton does not have to touch an attacker in order to be effective and let me explain what I mean with a hypothetical example. Let us say that a security guard in a warehouse sees a man entering the warehouse who he knows should not be there. "Stop" he can say and let us now say that the unauthorized intruder begins approaching the security guard with a menacing look on his face. Now the security guard can unsheathe the baton and give one more stern "Stop!" If this does not do the trick the security guard could extend the baton and fire off a warning shot. The bright blue arc and extremely loud crackle of 800,000 volts is sure to make any intruder think twice about proceeding and if it isn't the security guard could further intimidate with a blast of the 120 decibel alarm. If the intruder still wants to play games he can get himself zapped and learn a valuable lesson.


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Stun Batons Might Be the Perfect Tool for Security Guards

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This article was published on 2011/08/10