Windows Firewall - How to Disable Windows Firewall in Windows 7

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The article explains the procedure for disabling Windows firewall. The instructions provided here are simple and correct to date. However, you must follow them carefully to avoid running in to common Windows firewall problems.

Windows firewall helps keep your PC protected from unauthorized access and save your critical data and files stored inside. However, at times you may want to disable Windows firewall to access certain websites that it has blocked, or you have another security program installed on your PC that it is interfering with. Reason could be anything, if you want to disable Windows firewall, you must follow the steps given in the below mentioned free Windows 7 support guide.

How to Guide:

First Method:

  • Click on the ‘Start’ menu
  • Right click on ‘My Computer’ and click on ‘Manage
  • Locate ‘Services and Applications’ and click on the ‘+’ sign to expand it
  • Click on ‘Services’ and scroll down to find ‘Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)’
  • Right click on Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and select ‘Properties
  • Under the ‘General’ tab (it is the first tab and will be highlighted by default), change ‘Startup types’ to ‘Disabled
  • Click on the ‘Stop’ button. Thereafter, click on the ‘Apply’ button and then ‘OK’ close the window

Second Method:

  • Click on the ‘Start’ menu
  • Go to ‘Control Panel’ and double click on the ‘Windows Firewall’ icon. Alternatively, you can right click on Windows Firewall and select Properties.
  • Under the ‘General’ tab, click on ‘Off (not recommended)’, and then click on ‘OK’ to close the window

Third Method:

  • Click on the ‘Start’ menu
  • Go to ‘Control Panel’, double click on ‘Network and Internet Connections’. If you are in the ‘Classic View’ you will see ‘Network Connections’.
  • Right click on your network connection and select ‘Properties’ from the options. You might see ‘Local Area Connection’ if you are using a high speed DSL or cable connection.
  • Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab in the ‘Properties’ window
  • Under ‘Windows Firewall’, click on ‘Settings
  • Click on ‘Off (not recommended)’ and click on ‘OK’ to exit this window
  • Click on ‘OK’ again to close the ‘Properties’ window
  • Exit the ‘Network Connection’ window

Additional Tidbits:

  • You must have administrative privileges to make changes to Windows firewall settings.

Disabling Windows firewall is not recommended from the security point of view as it is risky. It helps keep unauthorized programs and users such as hackers and malicious software developers away from accessing your PC and internet connection.

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Windows Firewall - How to Disable Windows Firewall in Windows 7

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Windows Firewall - How to Disable Windows Firewall in Windows 7

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